Late to the Party: Eddie the Eagle Review

I’ve decided to start a new series of blogs on this website, called “Late to the Party”. I really enjoy writing film reviews and blogs on different films, but a lot of the time the films I want to talk about are very old, hence this series being born. For my first entry, I’m going to talk about Eddie the Eagle, a film based very loosely on the story of British treasure Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards – the first British ski jumper to ever compete at the Olympics.

Like many people, I thought this film would be rubbish. I saw the trailers and though nah… I’ll be skipping that one. But on an oppressively long plane ride back from America, it was the only the film that looked mildly interesting of the ones that was on offer. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was brilliant! Funny, sweet and just all round feel good. Its a traditional underdog story, with it focusing on Eddie’s dream of competing at the Olympics and constantly being met with opposition, be it his own health, his lack of funds or even the British Olympic Committee.

Honestly? the film is just so good. It’s literally ultimate feel-good; I spend the entire time just grinning. Part of the charm is Taran Egertons portrayal of Eddie. Eddie is such a wonderful character and so endearing. He literally never gives up. Well, a few times in the film he is dejected and does pack it all in… literally only for 5 minuted before he’s figured out another way to get what he wants. He’s so light-hearted and innocent and just perfect. He’s like a giant puppy and I love him. Taran Egerton needs to stop being so freaking talented because he truly is fantastic. You’d think playing a ski jumper in the eighties would be just a filler role, something to get you by while you wait for something more Hollywood to come along. But you can tell that he literally threw everything he had into the role, as his mannerisms, his voice and just everything about the character is not only so different to himself – proving how great an actor he is – but also very true to the real life Eddie the Eagle according the to the man himself. He’s just so wonderful and pure and I will never stop singing his praises.

His counterpart in the film is Hugh Jackman, who plays Bronson Peary, Eddies fictional Ski coach. This character again is just really fun and see’s Jackman in his element. He is a disillusions, former champion Ski jumper turned alcoholic after a falling out with his coach years ago who (rightly) thinks Eddie is crazy for wanting to be a ski jumper despite no training and no experience (apparently the time to start jumping is when you’re a kid). However he, like literally everyone, is won over by Eddies charm and resiliance, albeit stubbornness, and decides to train him how to jump properly (and not kill himself) He’s a funny character becoming a great friend and mentor to Eddie. Their relationship is so sweet and I really love watching them. It’s also really cool to see the development Peary goes through, starting off as a drunk jerk and evolving into a guy who wants whats best for Eddie, ditching the booze in the process.

I really can’t speak highly enough of this film. It’s just really nice. Everything about it is just amazing; the casting, the soundtrack, heck even the costumes are so brilliantly done that you are genuinely transported to eighties Britain without it looking fake or jarring. I want to watch it constantly and I cannot sing its praises highly enough. One of the things I really enjoy about it is actually the script. the story is wonderful and the characters talk like real people with nothing feeling forced or fake. Plus one of the great things I love about the story they tell is that almost everything that pushes Eddie to want to compete is an accident. It’s literally just a case of the right place at the right time that gives him the ideas that he has and drives the plot forward, and I think that’s pretty cool and a great plot device when done well, which in this case it totally is.

In short – you have to see this film. Its just a lovely thing to watch and gets me smiling every time. Its genuinely funny and genuinely sweet and the aesthetic is awesome. Just watch it please, you won’t regret it!

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